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Spanning the globe with incorporation and corporate accountancy services

The company’s strength is derived from its concentration on two well-established and dynamic international corporate centres. Comsec specialises in formation of Hong Kong and British Virgin Islands companies.

Comsec’s range of services includes incorporation of BVI Business Companies in the BVI, local companies in Hong Kong and corporate secretarial and accountancy services in both.

3 decades of valuable service

You have the comfort of dealing with a company with a proven track record of successful outcomes to many thousands of clients around the world.

You can depend upon a company which has delivered reliability, confidentiality and wise counsel for over 30 years.

Territory Profile

British Virgin Islands

No tax. British law. US Dollars. Guaranteed Privacy.

The BVI is an ideal location for your offshore company.

Hong Kong

Low tax. British law. USD linked currency. Enterprise support is government policy.

Hong Kong is ideal for multinational businesses.

Territory Comparison

Looking for an offshore company?

Wanting a low or no-tax jurisdiction?

Compare key low-tax and tax-free havens.

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Latest BVI shelf company names

  • Maxfort Limited
  • Maxgreat Limited
  • Mastafield Limited

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Latest Hong Kong shelf company names

  • Nice Silver Holdings Ltd.
  • Silver Grade Holdings Ltd.
  • Oriental Control Group Ltd.

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