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BVI Profile


The British Virgin Islands (BVI) consists of over 50 islands and cays in the Caribbean Sea with a land area of 155 square kilometres.

The nearest territory is the U.S. Virgin Islands, with the Leeward Islands to the South-East and Puerto Rico to the West.


15,000 residents inhabit the BVI, with over 10,000 living on the largest island, Tortola.


The official and spoken language is English.


The official currency of the BVI is the U.S. dollar.


The BVI is a British dependant territory.


There is no taxation on business carried out by a BVI company.


A standard BVI Company is incorporated under the BVI Companies Act, 2004.
Shelf companies are available for immediate use. See our BVI shelf company name list.
Incorporation with a name of your choice if available can be completed within 14 working days.


  • No tax is imposed on BVI company
  • The privacy of Shareholders and Directors names is protected
  • No local Directors, local meetings or annual returns are necessary

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