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How is Comsec Offshore different to other incorporation specialists ?

Comsec Offshore offers an extremely specialised service based on it’s expert focus on two key international territories (the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong).

This focus is founded in a highly considered analysis of global alternatives and the assessment that a foundation in British law and non-interference legislation provide the greatest benefits to entrepreneurs.

What are the differences between offshore jurisdictions?

We acknowledge that there are many offshore jurisdictions which are popular for offshore company formation. However, not all are created equal!

In Bermuda and Samoa, a company secretary is required. In The Turks and Caicos and the Caymans, an annual return is required. In Jersey, the beneficial owners must be disclosed. Hong Kong and the BVI have very distinct advantages.

For more details, please review our comparison of offshore, low-tax and no-tax territories.

Privacy is very important to me. How does Comsec Offshore address this ?

Comsec Offshore adheres to an extremely high standard of confidentiality. If you have any questions, please contact us for a consultation in utmost confidence.

Can Comsec Offshore register my business name ?

The registration of any business name in an offshore territory is subject to availability. Comsec Offshore will search your name and can register it if available, but also offers a list of immediately available shelf company names in both the British Virgin Islands and Hong Kong. These lists are constantly updated.

For answers to any other questions, or to discuss your specific requirements in complete confidence, please submit an online enquiry form, contact us on +852 2541 4029 or via email: info [at] comsec-offshore [dot] com

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