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Situated at the southeastern tip of China, Hong Kong is ideally positioned at the centre of rapidly developing East Asia. With a total area of 1 100 square kilometres, it covers Hong Kong Island, the Kowloon peninsula just opposite, and the New Territories – the more rural section of Hong Kong, which also includes 235 outlying islands.

On 1 July 1997, after a century and a half of British administration, Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China.


Currently exceeding eight million people, the main residential areas are only a small part of the overall landmass and therefore population density is extremely high. 98% of the population is of Chinese descent, with large numbers of Filipinos, Indonesians and Canadians.


The official languages are English and Cantonese. Cantonese is the native tongue of the majority of the population. English is commonly used throughout the business sector.


Hong Kong is an international financial centre with stable financial and monetary systems. A favourable geographical position, which bridges the time gap between North America and Europe, strong links with the Mainland and other economies in South-East Asia and excellent communications with the rest of the world have helped Hong Kong to develop into an important international financial centre. The absence of any restrictions on capital flows into and out of Hong Kong is another important factor.


Hong Kong law is based on the British Common Law System. On 1 July 1997 the People’s Republic of China resumed the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s previous legal system has continued in place as the foundation of the rule of law in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the HKSAR).


Hong Kong’s tax system is the most business-friendly in the world – simple and low. Profits are taxed if they arise in or are derived from Hong Kong as a result of a trade or business. The tax rate of year 2008/2009 is 16.5% for corporations.


Shelf companies are available for immediate use. Please see our shelf company name lists. Incorporation with a name of your choice if available, can be completed within 14 working days. A limited company is commonly incorporated with an authorised capital of HKD 10,000.00.


  • Low tax rate imposed on corporate or individual earnings in Hong Kong only
  • Low government intervention to business operations
  • Ready access to the low-cost labour force and massive market of China


Please refer to our shelf company name list for incorporation fee options.

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